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Ryerson Shippee is a music composer, music producer, pianist, and sound designer based in Sarasota, FL. From taking piano lessons starting at the age of five to later receiving a Bachelor's Degree in Music Composition, music has remained a strong passion of his. He is well-versed in composing music for various kinds of genres, gravitating towards orchestral and electroacoustic music. Whether he's recording musicians, using synthesizers, processing live sounds, or creating unique sampled instruments, Ryerson enjoys the process of creating music to tell stories. Some of his scoring work includes the short films "4 Floors Up" (2020), "Dr. On" (2019), and "Carpool" (2019). With a growing portfolio and a drive to compose dramatic music for large and small ensembles alike, Ryerson strives to bring a unique and fresh sound for each project.


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